Orsa. -5 days in Santorini A taxi from Fira to Akrotiri (and then the Red Beach) should not charge you more than 25 euros for such a trip. There are usually no direct flights between Rhodes and the Cyclades so you’d have to fly via Athens (2 different flights). Best Hotel in Oia: Maregio SuitesBest Hotel in Fira: Cosmopolitan SuitesBest Hotel in Imerovigli: Grace SantoriniBest Hotel in Firostefani: TsitourasBest Hotel in Perivolos: Orabel SuitesBest Hotel in Perissa: Anastasia PrincessBest Hotel in Kamari: Sunrise Studios, “I don’t know if I will have to go anywhere else for information!”. We are staying in Imerovigli and would like to take our kids to a beach for a half day (without going across the Island). So, these are best Santorini beaches: Perissa, Perivolos, Kamari, Red Beach, Ammoudi, Katharos, Vourvoulos, Vlychada, Eros beach, Koloumbos and Monolithos. Emma. Paros and Naxos are probably what you’re looking for. You can also take the bus to the airport and then walk from the airport. The 8 Best Beaches in Santorini. The beach is also accessible by boat. This includes activities and restaurants nearby in addition to hotels on the beach or nearby. Perhaps it’s just in my head but I find the seawater around Santorini the clearest and most refreshing I’ve ever swum in. The cliffs that loom around some of the beaches and the nature of the sand itself make a surreal setting for swimming and sunning. Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, Naxos, Paros, Ios etc) have much better golden sand beaches. Hotels in Perissa, Kamari and Perivolos beaches are definitely cheaper without lacking in quality or amenities though. Red and black volcanic pebbles lay the shores of Santorini beaches and cliffs provide a picturesque ambience of unique beauty. It is also the only nudist friendly beach in Santorini , where you can literally have a big part of the beach for yourself. While some of them organize parties with famous DJ’s from all over the world, they are mostly very chilled out and relaxing places. My favorite beaches in Santorini are Kamari, Perissa, and Perivolos. Next to the beach there is also a very nice small fishing port with a few restaurants where you can have fresh fish. This is also one of the most famous beach hotels of Santorini in Perissa. Plus from your previous post, you said Lindos Blu has an amazing restaurant which we would also really enjoy. Most of the water sports is on Perivolos Beach (south of Perissa). Vlychada. A day at Monolithos beach can be a great family day as well as the beach is well organized and very wide for kids to play around. Recommended Hotels near Caldera Beach: Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites (luxury) • Astarte Suites (luxury) • Santorini Princess Presidential Suites (luxury). Some of us were actually born in Santorini and some others have spent many months not only visiting the greek islands but actually living on it for long periods of time. A taxi from Fira should not charge you more than 20 euros for such a trip. What a great information site, I am wondering if you can give me some advice, please? HI Dave, can you recommend any hotels with Caldera views that don’t cost over $300 a night? If you’re happy staying away from the caldera, Perissa is also one of the best places in Santorini … Thank you, Close to heavily marketed Red Beach and White Beach, Mesa Pigadia (sometimes known as Black Beach) is at the end of a relatively bump-free dirt road on Santorini’s south-west coast. Here is a video showing the beauty of Koloumbos or Columbos (and Cambia, a nearby beach): Unfortunately, if you don’t have your own car or bike or quad , you cannot visit the Koloumbo beach as there are no local buses that can take you there. But for clubbing, that’s Fira. Longer answer: if you’re willing to pay, someone (private boat, charter) will do it for you, but this is not a scheduled route. “ The bonus of this place is beach proximity … Also, Red beach is ideal  for snorkeling ! 6) Transportation? Ferry cancelations do happen but they’re ultimately pretty rare. You should actually take the road that leads to Vlychada beach and at one point you will see a sign that will warn you to turn on the right for Eros Beach. You can also take a taxi either from Oia or directly from Fira. We want good nightlife-bars/restaurants/dancing (love traditional Greece). Top Santorini Beach & Pool Clubs: See reviews and photos of beach & pool clubs in Santorini, Greece on Tripadvisor. Best Things To Do at Kamari Beach It is a very kids and family-friendly beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, with a few tavernas and restaurants mainly with fresh fish. Many caldera cruises either begin or end at Ammoudi Bay. At the end of the beach you will notice the chimneys of an old factory which now a Tomato Museum (a really good spot for photography lovers…set these DSLRs on fire!). If we were to rent a car, is Fira the best place to rent it? 8. Thank you for this great website!! Perissa is basically the end of the long black sand beach of Perivolos. Discover Santorini’s best beaches Create your Unique Wedding Memories Volcanic Vows Enjoy a Scenic Hike Grace Escape: Yoga and Picnic Experience Photo Tour Sunrise and Sunset Yoga Awaken with the Grace escape View all It’s not a lie - Grace Santorini has the best view of the sunset in Santorini… Thanks dave, Staying in Kamari on the beach and going for Fira and Oia by bus in the afternoon till night? 9. It is far away from everything , though it is close to Oia (but quite far away from Fira). It’s about 15km from Fira and there is also a regular bus service that runs every 30mins during the summer months (check the Santorini Local Bus Schedules). The beaches in Santorini are much different than other beaches in Greece due to their special geological features. Santorini and Naxos are two islands where renting a car is good idea. But when the sun sets, you will start feeling the romance in the air and it is probably the time for you and your other half to enjoy a movie under the stars at Kamari Open Air Cinema which is easily one of the best things to do in Santorini. Kamari Beach. Go up the Kamari side, down the Perissa side, and boat back to Kamari. But remember: renting a car is highly recommended if you choose to stay in Vlychada. Red Santorini Beach is 12 km south west of Fira in the Akrotiri area, and one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Santorini. Find and book deals on the best beach hotels in Black Beach Santorini, Greece! Also, how much should a taxi charge from the airport to Kamari beach? Moving south along Perissa for a kilometer and a half, the beach changes its name to Perivolos (and then to Agios Georgios even farther south). Which part of Santorini would you suggest? Can you please suggest which Island would be the most suitable for us. Like Ammoudi Bay, many caldera cruises begin or end here. A good beach name is hard to come by (and often dictates its surroundings), so it's no surprise that there are two famed "red beaches" in Greece. We live in Barcelona, Spain, and here you can’t leave your personal belongings unsupervised for a second before they disappear. Monolithos. If you have a car, (best website to book a car for Santorini is Rentalcars.com), just take the road to Emporio village from Fira and follow the signs. Which is best for getting around with public transportation (we do not plan on renting a car). F rom Kamari Beach, Perissa Beach, Perivolos Beach, Red Beach, Agios Georgios, to Monolithos beach and with easy access to best beach hotels in Santorini. In Perissa, you can also do all the water sports you can imagine (jet ski, sea-ski, sea-bananas etc). Apart from this, please make yourself a favour and eat at Katina’s Fish tavern. But it’s a great island regardless of where you stay so it’s not as if staying in Kamari is going to be bad. In any case, there’s not much you can do about it. You’ll want to do Rhodes either first or last and keep the Cyclades all together. There are ... 2. #29 Best Value of 141 Santorini Beach Hotels “ The beautiful beach is 10-15 minutes walk on a trail (for most ages and walking abilities) or 5 minutes in a car, with great cabanas and upscale restaurant to … I leave my stuff on the beach unguarded all the time and have never had a problem. If you have a car  (best website to book a car for Santorini is Rentalcars.com), just take the road to the airport from Fira and follow the signs to Perissa and Perivolos. It has an extremely relaxing atmosphere and possibly the best beach lounge bar of the island: Theros Wave Bar. These poor animals are not treated very well under the heat of the greek summer and they are really suffering. ATMs are everywhere and reliable. Perissa is the best beach with a relaxing beach scene. Perivolos has many new hotels and as with every other beach hotel in Santorini you will be getting more for what you pay becasue you are basicaly be missing the famous and very touristic viewx of Imerovigli, Fira and Oia. The one reason I question going to Naxos is because of the Caramel Grecotel in Crete… after viewing its website it looks to be one of the most stunning/beautiful properties I have ever seen… my fiancée and I love sitting under a beach cabana with an amazing view to a sandy white beach, and I feel like perhaps we would be missing out on something special by not visiting it. Best Santorini Beach Hotels on Tripadvisor: Find traveller reviews, candid photos, and prices for 141 waterfront hotels in Santorini, Greece. Santorini beaches are mostly composed of volcanic sand and small pebbles. Best Santorini Beach Hotels on Tripadvisor: Find traveller reviews, candid photos, and prices for 145 waterfront hotels in Santorini, Greece. Can you tell me. 2. Takes a couple hours, great views of the island. I prefer staying in Rhodes Town as one visit to Lindos is usually good for most. But it is also well worth leaving the sun lounger to explore these five best beaches on Santorini. It is well known for the unique color of the sand and the hill behind it. 1,280 reviews. Found on the south coast, it’s the only beach on the whole island with this distinctive colour, which is enough to bring sun-worshippers and Instagrammers by … We’re visiting Santorini in August and can’t do the boat tour as one of us suffers terribly with sea sickness. If you have a car you can just follow the signs from Oia. You will find all sorts of beach bars, tavernas, restaurants and cafes. Perissa is probably the best-known black sand beach Santorini has. 10 Best and Most Unique Santorini Beaches 1 – Red Beach: one of the most impressive Santorini beaches. The geological formations provide an amazing and colorful sea bottom…. Hi dave Hi Dave. Ammoudi, Kamari, Perivolos, Perissa and the unique Red Beach are some of the best beaches of Santorini, but these are not the only ones. It also seems that since Crete is such a large island, you really need more than 4 days to fully explore it. However, please DO NOT RIDE THE DONKEYS THAT WILL BE OFFERED BY SOME PEOPLE TO TAKE YOU TO AMMOUDI. Would I be missing out on much by going with Katikies instead of Grace? The bus picks you up in Kamari and takes you to the port on the opposite side of the island. Kamari Beach. Recommended Beach Hotels in Perivolos: Istoria Hotel (luxury, adults-only) • Orabel Suites (moderate, adults-only) • Sea Sound White Katikies (luxury). It’s about 30mins walking distance from Oia and about te same from Ammoudi. Very quiet with only a handful of hotels and restaurants. Can you leave your stuff on the beach, go for a swim and expect it to still be there when you get back? Monolithos beach is a very long and wide beach which is pretty close to the airport (don’t worry…you won’t be disrupted by the airplanes). However, swimming in the clear blue water of Santorini is wonderfully refreshing. Perivolos is a beautiful wide sandy beach (with black sand and pebbles) with crystal clear waters and lots of sun beds to relax or read a book. Is it going to be too cold for swimming? Easily the best fish and seafood in Ammoudi…. I think water temps will be close to Amalfi, maybe a little cooler. My girlfriend and I are going to Santorini next week, November 8. The sand is slightly finer, though still pebbly, and the hotels and restaurants are a little more spread apart. (You could actually walk from the airport to the main road then wait for the Fira-Kamari bus there, but you’d need to ask directions.) When You Can Actually Swim in the Sea Water in Mykonos: the sea water is perfect in Mykonos between June-October (and including these 2 months), so if you are visiting anytime outside of these months you may get sunshine and 30C degrees temperature but the sea water won’t be warm enough. Each of Santorini’s beaches offer a different vibe and pace, so Culture Trip put together a guide to the best. It is well known for the unique color of the sand and the hill behind it. The town behind the black beach is arguably the most developed on Santorini … Any recommendations for lunch at Ammoudi bay? Red Beach. If you were to do Crete then ferry might make more sense as there are regular ferries from Rhodes to Crete and daily ferries from Crete to Santorini. But the beaches of Kamari, Perissa, and Perivolos do have restaurants/bars that stay busy late into the night. OUR PICK OF THE BEST BEACHES IN SANTORINI FOR FAMILIES AND FACILITIES – PERISSA BEACH Perissa beach is at the foot of an impressive cliff. Bus station is about a 6 minute walk so it’s a great location if you don’t have a rental car. Taxi is about €10 to €12 from the airport to Kamari. It’s the longest beach on the island, with azure water, a tranquil atmosphere, and partly … Even though Vlychada is a bit off the beaten path it has some really awesome hotels and it can really be one of the places to stay if you want to avoid completely any touristic areas. Monolithos beach is a quiet area with a few hotels and rooms to rent around. I recently became a patron and was hoping you could answer a few more questions I had! These are the best places for budget-friendly beaches in Santorini: Perivolos Beach; Vlychada Beach; Perissa Black Sand Beach; Kamari Beach; Caldera Beach; See more budget-friendly beaches in … It’s a short fun trip. Vlychada beach is a unique landscape with massive white rocks and a really relaxing atmosphere. The Best Hotels in Kamari, Santorini, for Every Traveller With a volcanic black-sand beach, the seaside village of Kamari is the perfect place to discover Santorini's hidden coves and pristine … There is a wide range of accommodations and restaurants here, especially toward the north end, where the main village, bus stop, and water taxi stop are found. We are from Boston so chilly water is not foreign to us. #3 Best Value of 7 Beach Resorts in Santorini “ Amazing place, close to the beach and to the shops but what stood out for us was the majestic food, the breakfast was breath taking, so many choices to … Home > Greece > Santorini > Kamari Hotels Updated: August 11, 2020 • Affiliate Disclosure: All hotel links on my site are affiliate links meaning I earn a small fee when you book a hotel. Try Booking.com.). A taxi from Fira to Katharos beach should not charge you more than 30 euros for such a trip. It’s possible to have long stretches of beach to yourself the farther south you go. Is it possible to pair one of them with an Athens/Santorini trip? Some of the most impressive private villas of the island are also located in Akrotiri (like Adelante Villas 88). The most sandy beach is Monolithos, close to the airport and Kamari. Dinner is served on the boat. This helps us maintain the good quality content and provide constant updates to our website. The best and largest beaches are on the southeast coast of the island, and, surprisingly for an island that attracts so many tourists, are often not crowded. There are plenty of signs everywhere from Fira but it’s basically the same road that goes to Akrotiri. Kamari is cheaper so you can save money by staying there. Not worth it. Here’s a list of the Top 10 best Beaches Santorini which represent unique environmental jewels.. Santorini Red Sand Beach (Red Beach). #8 Best Value of 20 Hotels with Private Beach in Santorini “ This sole act of "customer satisfaction" turned me into a life long referral to Vedema beyond the fact that the facility is impeccable, the staff superb, the private beach amazing and the dining exquisite. If you are wondering which one is better Mykonos or Santorini , then as far as beaches are concerned, then Mykonos beaches are 100 times better in my opinion. Best Hotels on Santorini But it has a few gems worth visiting. In the US we typically tip the service staff 15%- 20% for food/beverage in restaurants. Drink some wine or beer in the warm night air as you watch a movie (recent ones and they’re usually pretty good). Take the footpath down from Oia to Ammoudi Bay where the restaurants are (or drive/taxi down), then turn left and walk along the water’s edge for 5 minutes. Found in the region of Akitiri lies Red Beach, an especially unique destination with volcanic red lava cliffs that define the color of the sand and surrounding massive hill. Beaches in Santorini. Try Wavesports which has an excellent jet ski tour to the volcano and caldera. We’ve narrowed it down to the following islands: -4 days in Rhodes If you have a car, (best website to book a car for Santorini is Rentalcars.com), just take the road to the airport from Fira and follow the signs. Red Beach. Recommended Hotels in Oia near Ammoudi Bay: Charisma Suites (luxury, adults-only) • Esperas (luxury, adults-only) • Zoe Aegeas Traditional Houses (moderate). There are no beach clubs or sunbed rentals, and very few visitors to the beach itself (most people come here for diving or sailing). If you don’t have a car then you have to take the bus to Vlychada and then basically hike the rough road (not easy…). Adding to the scenery are two large chimneys formerly used by an old tomato canning factory, now converted into a museum and cultural center. There is a different bus stop to Perissa and a different one for Perivolos, but in reality you can even walk through the beach to each other. We are not just visitors. At the far north end of the beach, a good hike away from the sunbeds and restaurants, there is a nude-friendly section popular with gay travelers and locals. Perissa is also well-connected to Fira by bus, albeit with fewer buses running here per day and a longer bus ride (about 20 minutes). I can’t say whether that will apply to you. Here is an amazing video showing how Perissa beach looks like: It’s really simple to go to Perissa and Perivolos. There is only a handful of hotels at Ammoudi bay as most people actually stay on top of the cliff which is basically Oia…. 3. Red beach is 12 km from Fira, so it’s easy to reach. Here is a quick video showing the beauty of Monolithos beach: You can reach Monolithos beach mainly by car, bike or ATV from from Fira, Kamari or even from Pyrgos. Renting a car is the best way to explore the island, and this is especially true if you’re not staying in Fira. All have large suites, nice pools, and great locations. Red Beach. Monolithos beach is the best area for watersports on the island (Santorini Kite are some of the best kite surfers in Greece!) Sifnos if you want something quieter (but not a lot of shopping). This is a semi-organized beach, with umbrella and sunbed rentals and dotted with a few tavernas. But they are not at all like the great, white sand beaches Greece is known for. -3 days in Naxos or Crete. #4 Best Value of 6 Family Beach Resorts in Santorini “ Spotlessly clean, very comfortable, friendly knowledgeable owners and staff, great selection for breakfast, a well stocked bar, swimming pool and beach 5 metres away. Also, Rhodes is sort of far away from the other islands and that would help us consolidate the travel. Dave, The great thing about staying close to the beach is that you will pay significantly less money than staying at a hotel with caldera views. The pebbly sand here is red and the backdrop is stunning. (P.S. I really appreciate it! Sand is still “pebbley” but lots of sun loungers and beach bars. Red Beach. Perissa is also the place to visit if you want to listen to some famous DJs from all over the world, it’s the beach to play beach volleyball and definitely the place to drink some amazing cocktails by the beach. The … A lot of questions! Don’t miss it. Vourvoulos beach is one of the most quiet beaches of the island and it is similar to Kolumbos and Monolithos beaches on the western side of the island. Kamari is the most family-friendly beach town, but Monolithos (a few kilometers north of Kamari) is the most kid-friendly beach with shallow water and the nicest sand – unlike other beaches, you can make sandcastles here. Grace does have sunset views while Katikies doesn’t. Koloumbos is the perfect place if you want to escape the tourist masses of Santorini and spend a relaxing and quiet day. 2) Take boat to Perissa Beach. Perivolos, especially the Agios Giorgios end, is the most upscale beach in Santorini a good number of luxury hotels, high-end beach clubs, and fine dining restaurants. How To Get Around in Santorini (buses, taxis and quads). Once you arrive on the beach, you will easily see the only beach bar around which is the amazing Katharos Lounge. 10. Protected by a wall of pumice cliffs eroded into psychedelic formations, this long beach of speckled grey and white pebbles has a wild feel that appeals to all sorts of visitors. This one on … 1. The trip is 10-15mins from Fira. One of the main reasons we’re going to Rhodes is to visit Rhodes Town and all the historical sites. Are we gonna miss the beauty of Fira and Oia if we stayed in Kamari? is still undiscovered by most tourist and therefore is lovely quiet with the most beautiful view of The Caldera. I’m wondering how “secure” the beaches are in general. They leave every 30 or 40 minutes. It’s an easy drive or bus ride from Fira (the main town on Santorini) to get to the beaches (Kamari is the closest) so as much as I love the beaches I still recommend staying in Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, or Oia as these towns have the stunning caldera (volcano) views that make Santorini so unique. 4. The area you can stay closest to Koloumbos beach is basically Oia. You can also take a boat from the archaeological site Rahidi to the Red Beach, that runs every half an hour and costs 5€. Perissa Beach (aka "Black Beach") 2. I felt the water in Amalfi, Italy today and it was warm to me. It is a pretty long beach with black sand and pebbles with lots of sunbeds and umbrellas. But as always you can also take a taxi from Fira. Red Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Santorini thanks to its towering cliffs of rust-red rocks, lapped by clear waters of a deep turquoise. Me and my husband are going to Santorini on July and I was womdering if you could give me some tips on things to do while we are at Kamari. Any thoughts on that? Santorini beaches are composed of volcanic sand and pebbles, full of rugged charm and often striking landscapes. You won’t find any noisy beach bars or watersports here though. The most famous of Santorini beaches is the Red beach, while particularly popular are Perissa beach, Kamari beach … Once you finish your swimming, make yourself a favour and eat fresh fish and seafood at Skaramagkas Tavern. 1) Order of travel for the Islands? Ferry schedules won’t be out for a few more months for all those routes. The Best Hotels in Perissa and Perivolos Istoria Hotel – Perivolos. Thanks This is a mostly family-friendly beach but with a little more of a party vibe at the beach clubs here, though the parties typically don’t get too crazy and the bars close earlier than they do in Fira, so it’s quieter at night. Hi Dave, 4) Naxos vs Crete? I’m thinking Grace Santorini would be the best for us. I reserved a hotel/appartment in Kamari next to the the beach. Buses from the airport are not common – it could be a 30 minute to 1 hour wait. I’m solo and just hang out on the beach, love food, and a few drinks. After reading your article on the difference between Santorini and Mykonos we decided to plan our 5 days, late June, honeymoon in Santorini for the next summer despite the fact that Mykonos has better beaches. Santorini beaches are mostly composed of volcanic sand and small pebbles. #3 Best Value of 7 Beach Resorts in Santorini “ Amazing place, close to the beach and to the shops but what stood out for us was the majestic food, the breakfast was breath taking, so many choices to … 5. And as always, because you will be staying to one of Santorini’s beaches and not paying for the famous views, you will actually be getting more for what you pay (compared to Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani etc). The sand at Monolithos beach is possibly the best on the island and it is pretty similar to the one you will find in Kamari. Would it make sense to stay in Lindos and take a bus up to Rhodes Town, or would it be a huge hassle and would we be better off staying somewhere in Rhodes Town like Spirit of the Knight? The end southern end of the beach has a small port. Is there a swimming pool in Oia hotel that allows non-resident to pay to swim? Best Beach of Mykonos: all of them are equally beautiful but Kalo Livadi and Ornos are … 3) Day trip to Sifnos or full stay? Required fields are marked *, Newsletter – Get all new and updated articles. The beach becomes progressively quieter as you move south. The best luxury hotels for families on the Greek islands are the Nissaki Beach in Naxos, Ios Palace on Ios, the Astra and Aria Suites on Santorini, and the Petinos Beach Resort on Mykonos. Santorini's volcanic history has led to the formation of some of the more unique beaches in the Greek Isles, and Kamari is no exception. Explore guest reviews and book the perfect beach hotel for your trip. To be 100% honest with you, Santorini is not a greek island famous for its beaches, and I truly believe other greek islands (e.g. If you research on the internet you will probably find many reports saying that Red Beach is dangerous and you shouldn’t visit it because there have been cases of falling rocks etc. Katharos beach is not a location full of hotels and resorts and it still stays as one of the most unspoiled areas of the island. Crystal clear waters, black pebbles, amazing atmosphere, relaxing couches, lounge music and lots of sun-beds where you can relax for the whole day. Great places to swim, many places to rent beach chairs, and lots of good places to eat. Paros is the island with the most snorkelling near Santorini and on the direct Athens to Santorini ferry route. Red Beach. All the companies that offer it are pretty good so just pick the tour with the best times. The crystal clear turquoise water will be one of the most impressive things you will notice if you swim (ideally between June-October as this is when the waters will be warm enough) and this by itself can be one of your highlights of your trip to Greece. Perivolos is pretty well connected to Fira, operating on the same bus schedule as nearby Perissa. The busiest, most family-friendly of the beach towns is Kamari. 1) Hike up to Ancient Thera. We like boat trips. Have 500€ on you for backup but don’t need more than that. This is how Eros beach and the beach bar on it looks like: It is not very easy to go to Eros beach as you definitely need your own means of transportation and the road that leads there doesn’t have asphalt on it. It’s only a 5 mins drive from Oia and there is a small parking at Ammoudi where you can park your bike, ATV or car. The best sand and swimming in Santorini is at Perissa and Perivolos beaches (which are essentially the same beach: Perissa is the north part, Perivolos is the south part). The beach is pebbly, so the water is extraordinarily clear. You can also take the boat from Akrotiri which is a great way to get there for views of the spectacular rugged, red cliffs that provide the backdrop to this beautiful, albeit small and potentially crowded, beach on Santorini. Seaside Santorini: Best beach club in Santorini - consultez 1 512 avis de voyageurs, 1 426 photos, les meilleures offres et comparez les prix pour Perivolos, Grèce sur Tripadvisor. But we also want to visit Rhodes Town for at least a day, possibly two. My fiancée and I are both lovers of excellent food, and we have read a lot about the amazing food scene on Sifnos. But you don’t necessarily have to swim while at Ammoudi bay as you can just enjoy a dinner or a lunch at the magnificent fish restaurants at the edge of the small port. It is very well organised and some might consider it very touristic, but it is a great beach after all with awesome diving opportunities from the rock that overlooks the beach on your right hand side as you look the sea. It’s also possible to hike from one beach over Mesa Vouno to the other. Best Santorini Beach Hotels on Tripadvisor: Find traveller reviews, candid photos, and prices for 141 waterfront hotels in Santorini, Greece. We are looking for somewhere classy to stay-a pool and a pool bar is a must with nice rooms (not basic) We will not be hiring a car so walking distance to everything is a must although happy to bus/taxi to beaches if not in a beach resort.